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About the jewelry

Etched jewelry with text and messages in calligraphy

Etched jewelry with text and messages in calligraphy

The type of calligraphy I mostly use for my jewelry is a personal, lively and semi cursive italic hand. I never use strict guidelines when I write, but prefer to let the letters dance along, contributing to a lively, happy and personal appearance. I decorate the slightly undulating letters with well-balanced flourishes to enhance the quote lettered.

The words, quotes and messages I put on my jewelry can be anything from classic Latin quotes and sayings and powerful single words to proverbs and phrases meant to encourage the wearer. The design is meticulously executed, since I know that it will be etched in metal and probably be around for a very long time. It better look good! :)

The etching process

The etching process includes quite a lot of steps and it takes quite a while to finish a piece of handmade jewelry.

The design is always executed by hand using my favorite tools – steel nibs and ink on paper. The original is then scanned, printed onto a special transfer film and transferred to hand cut metal. Then the edges and back are masked with tape and the piece is submerged in a salt solution for an exact amount of time with low electricity added to it. This is where the magic (ie. electro etching) takes place. After that the metals is cleaned, sanded, polished, drilled, oxidized and finished in the best possible way to make for a piece of jewelry that will last a long time.

Electro etching is an environmentally sound method where no acids are used (acid etching is the most common method). In most cases a simple table salt solution will work wonderful! With electro etching the liquid can be used over and over again, whereas an acid solution weakens and must be replaced regularly. In my opinion, the electro etching method is superior.

The epoxy casting process

To include hand written calligraphy in cast epoxy resin pendants is a somwhat less time consuming process compared to etching on metal, but enormously fun and rewarding. Mostly because of the colors – the translucent, almost jewel like colors that reflects the light and make the pendants glow. These little gems fulfil my need to work with vibrant colors and not just the shiny but colorless metal. And the glass like, very smooth surface is really, really nice to touch!

Anyway. I hope you can tell that by what I write here that I really love to make these pieces of jewelry. Should you buy one of them, I hope you will like it too and wear it for a long time to come!

Marie Fredriksson