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About Marie Of Sweden

Marie Of Sweden

Marie Of Sweden, calligrapher

My name is Marie Fredriksson, I live in Sweden and I am first of all a calligrapher. I love letters of all kinds, shapes and colors with passion. I’ve had this interest for more than half of my life, and have spent many, many, MANY hours practicing letterforms.

The ice cold winter of 2009-2010 I began experimenting with etching my hand lettered calligraphy onto metal and was fascinated by the process. The method is not new, but I hunted the web for countless hours to find the best possible instructions. And then even more hours was spent with more or less successful experiments.

I began etching on copper, then moved on to stainless steel, sterling silver and aluminum (or aluminium, as we say in Europe). I love working with all metals, enjoying their different characteristics: warm, rustic copper, shiny steel, classic silver and soft, warm aluminum. And it’s always exciting to se my letters etched permanently in metal! :)

The making of jewelry is something I do on evenings and weekends, after the eight daily hours spent at the office. The old house we live in is located in the countryside on the beautiful hill Kinnekulle (see where here) with lots of trees and nature and open fields around us.

Fortunately, my better half is a mechanic with a rather well equipped workshop at home, so I have easy access to most heavy duty tools that I could ever need. Hence, the metal cutting, sawing, filing and drilling takes place in the workshop.

Diva - my company

Diva – my constant companion

Other details in the jewelry making process take place in the kitchen (preparing the metal), the office (measuring, taping, touching up) and the first floor bathroom (the actual etching). Oh, and the polishing is done in the basement laundry room! :)

Often I’m accompanied by one of our three cats Diva, who thinks she’s human. She likes to lie across my neck and shoulders, supervising the strange things I do.

Anyway. That’s me in a nutshell. Should you have any questions about my jewelry, don’t hesitate to e-mail me (address below). And if you do buy one of my pieces, I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I did making it!

Marie Fredriksson